If you don't know where to start when deciding how much sod you need, this is the right page for you. Below we have given some examples on how to calculate the amount of sod needed for different shaped lawns. You can simply enter the measurements from your yard and our handy sod calculator can do the rest.


Rectangle/Square Triangle Circle

Choose a Shape to Find it's Area      =

If you enter the measurement in feet, it returns total feet.
If you enter inches, the answer will be inches as well.
Below, you can see an example of how to break up your yard into more manageable pieces.
Large lawns can seem overwhealming. Measure smaller sections and then add the totals up to
find out how much sod you will need. Start with this sample yard:
Now we can simply cut our lawn up into some of the shapes listed above.
You can now measure each of the six sections. Use the rectangle calculator to get total area of plots
1,2,4, and 5. Now use the triangle calculator to get the area for plots 3 and 6. Add all these up and
you will know exactly how much sod you need to order!

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